Fundraising with Key Lime Pie

Unique Fundraising Ideas…

If you are searching for great fundraising ideas to make your next fundraiser fun, exciting and profitable, look no further! The Florida Key Lime Pie Company has some great ideas for fundraising to help you get started:

Ideas for Schools

Classroom Competition: For school-wide fundraising, create competition between classrooms, grade levels, etc., to boost participation. The classroom that sells or raises the most wins a prize like a pizza party or homework-free week.

Friday Snack Shop: As a special Friday treat, and on-going fundraising campaign, organize a snack shop that will be open every Friday during scheduled break times. Students and teachers can take turns running the shop, and you can sell treats like our “Key Lime Pie in a Cup”.

“Pie the Teacher” (or principal, or other school authority figure): Kids can pay for a chance to pie (Florida Key Lime Pie… of course) an authority figure. Other ideas can be to turn the event into a raffle. The winning ticket-holder gets to pie the principal, vice-principal, coach, etc.

Ideas for Sports Teams and Leagues

Game Day Florida Key Lime Pie Sale: A Florida Key Lime Pie or Tropical Cheesecake sale is a great fundraising idea because our pies and cheesecakes are a great treat that will sell fast. It’s also pretty easy to find parent volunteers willing to man a freezer and sell Florida Key Lime Pies and Tropical Cheesecakes throughout the game.

Ideas for Churches and Youth Groups

Holiday Sales: Set up a sale of our baked goods such as our delicious Florida Key Lime Pie and Tropical Cheesecakes made by The Florida Key Lime Pie Company just before the holidays. You can also take orders for our Florida Key Lime Pie and Tropical Cheesecakes at your sale. Frozen “Real Florida Gourmet Desserts” are so convenient for the holidays, and your customers will really appreciate the opportunity to order these delectable treats.

Youth Group Talent Show: What talents are hidden away in your community and local Church? Between churches and youth groups, there is probably a wealth of talent with little opportunity for exposure. Take advantage and organize a talent show filled with singing, dancing, acting, comedy and music all from local talent!

Fundraising Hints to Help You Succeed

The Florida Key Lime Pie Company believes fundraising should be a success. That’s why our sales staff is available to give you as much information and support you need to make informed decisions and reach your goals.

To further help you along the way, here are some fundraising hints for getting volunteers, motivating your group, and involving parents:

Getting Volunteers

Always be clear about what you’re asking them to do, and they’ll be more willing to help you out. A great hint is to divide the work up into smaller tasks, and have volunteers sign on for one or two specific tasks of their choosing.
Remember to thank them, and do your best to convey your appreciation. That’s the best way to keep your volunteers on board for future campaigns.

Be the example to volunteers and keep them motivated by being present and available throughout the campaign. However hard your volunteers are working, you should be working harder to support them and keep them organized.

Motivating Members

Use prizes and small rewards as incentives to keep members motivated. You can use cost-free rewards like lunch with the teacher or a homework-free weekend, or have prizes donated by a local business in exchange for advertising as your official sponsor.

Be a positive example by maintaining a good attitude, and being excited about the campaign.
Use positive words of encouragement, and acknowledge even the smallest efforts. This is the best way to make group members feel appreciated and encourage them to do even more.

Create friendly fundraising competition among group members with daily or weekly tallies of everyone’s accomplishments.

Getting Parents Involved

Make sure parents are well informed of the fundraiser. Notices and letters don’t always make it home, so send emails, send letters by mail, make phone calls and inform parents face-to-face when they arrive to pick up and drop off children.

Always keep it friendly. Don’t try to “push” parents into participating.

Remind parents that successful fundraising keeps their costs down, and allows your organization to continue to provide fun and enriching experiences for children.

Fundraising Tips for Your Success

The Florida Key Lime Pie Company suggests the following tips for successful fundraising preparations:

1. Organize your staff

Your fundraising staff consists of participants, parents, volunteers, and anyone else who will be helping with your campaign. Participants need to know well in advance that the fundraiser is coming, and when fundraising with children, parents will need to be kept in the loop as well, so be sure to send letters home with full details, and your contact information.

Volunteers are your support staff, so use them well! Divide up the responsibilities (responsibilities will depend on the type of campaign you’re running, and delegate to the people you feel are best suited to each role. If everyone knows his or her role beforehand, fundraising will go smoothly!

2. Plan your budget

Articles on fundraising tips often miss this one, yet it’s such an important step! Many programs require products to be purchased in advance, but not all of them. Before you call The Florida Key Lime Pie Company sales staff, sit down with your group or committee and decide on a budget.

When planning your budget, it’s also important to determine your fundraising goal.

3. Advertise your campaign

People need to know about your fundraising campaign to support it, so be sure to start advertising well in advance. If you’re planning an event that people will have to buy tickets for, start advertising about a month in advance. For fundraising sales, two (2) weeks in advance should be enough.

Advertise with posters and flyers. Ask local businesses if you can put up posters in their windows and post flyers on community bulletin boards. Send emails and mailings to all your contacts, and tell everyone you know about your fundraiser. A great fundraising tip is to contact your local TV and radio stations, and your local newspaper. They will often include your fundraising information in their community news.

4. Motivate your group

Be sure to keep you group motivated and excited with great incentives like prizes, fun activities and other rewards. When you set goals and rewards, your group members will be more excited about participating, and work harder to ensure the goals are met.

A great tip is to create competition among your group with rewards for the highest or fastest sellers!